lineup of milkshakes



Can I enjoy your milkshakes if I have a food allergy?

Each of our locations has a separate set up for allergen shakes. If you have a severe allergy, please note that we cannot guarantee 100% allergen free due to the close proximity of everything in our stores. When ordering, please indicate the allergen of concern, and our team will be happy to accommodate you. Visit our allergen page for more details.

What ingredients are used to make your Dairy Free/Vegan Milkshakes?

Our dairy free shakes contain soy and coconut. They are spun with almond milk.

How can I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards are available for by stopping in to one of our locations.

Do you have electronic gift cards?

Not at this time, gift cards are available in-store.

Does the Milkshake Factory® franchise?

Yes, please visit our franchise page and submit your information.